IMVO Pilot

During summer 2018, IMVO is running a pilot of the Irish Medicines Verification System (IMVS) to ensure that it functions correctly with pharmacy and wholesalers systems and that associated IMVO procedures work efficiently.  

The IMVS is fully ‘live’ during the pilot and the packs scanned are actual serialised packs that have been placed on the market in Ireland and distributed through wholesaler. We will use the learnings from the pilot to fine-tune our procedures and plan the full ramp-up phase of the project where we start to onboard all the remaining end-users (pharmacies, wholesalers, hospitals) ahead of 9th February 2019  

IMVO would like to thank all the pharmacies, hospitals, manufacturers, wholesalers and IT software providers who have volunteered to take part in the pilot as their support will play a key role in ensuring that Ireland is ready by the February 2019 deadline. We would also like to acknowledge the support of the Irish Pharmacy Union which is providing extensive assistance with the community pharmacy part of the pilot. 

If you are interested in joining the IMVO pilot, please email us at We are particularly keen to involve more hospitals and manufacturers.