Pharmacies & hospitals

Pharmacies and other locations in the health services (including hospitals) that supply medicines to the public will have to verify the authenticity of medicines and ‘decommission’ them from the IMVO repository before they are supplied to patients.  

IMVO will have an onboarding process for pharmacies and other locations that connect to the IMVO repository but they will not be required to pay any fees to IMVO. 

For now, IMVO is only onboarding pharmacies and hospitals who are taking part in the pilot as we want to fine-tune the process and automate as much of it as possible before starting to register all pharmacies and hospitals who need to connect to the IMVS. We will open up onboarding for all end-users in early Autumn when the pilot is completed and will communicate widely to the relevant groups, including pharmacies and hospitals, details of what is involved. At a high level, the steps involved will include: 

In the meantime, pharmacies and hospitals are encouraged to start their preparations to ensure that all steps are in place by 9th February 2019, when the new requirements become legally binding. At a high level, the steps involved will include:
  • Identifying where scanning will take place and what terminals need to be connected;
  • Upgrading existing software systems to interact with IMVO repository and/or installing a standalone system;
  • Implementing necessary changes in work practices, procedures, etc.;
  • Having scanners in place to read barcodes;
  •  Informing your team what’s happening and train relevant staff;
  • Considering how anti-tamper device checks will be managed. 

The IPU intends to provide a report on the outcome of the community pharmacy pilot to its members to assist them in planning implementation in their pharmacies.