How to scan FMD packs correctly

This short video demostrates how to scan FMD packs and provides useful tips for scanning.

Check your scanner

Use the 'IMVO Check your scanner' guidance to test if your scanner is set up correctly. As part of checking your scanner you will need to determine which mode your scanner is in. The “Check your scanner” guidance will help you do this. 

If you identify problems with your scanner after carrying out those tests, then proceed to the relevant 'IMVO Fix your scanner' guidance for your scanner make and mode. These documents will help you fix any problems with your scanner and set it up correctly.

Fix your scanner

If you identify problems with your scanner after checking it, then you need to ‘fix’ it.  This is done by scanning a series of barcodes that will set your scanner to the correct configuration:

  1. The instructions for fixing the scanner depend on what make it is and the mode it is set up in (keyboard wedge or serial mode. Look at the scanner to see what make it is. See IMVO ‘Check Your Scanner’ for details of how to find out what mode it is in.
  2. IMVO has drawn up guidance on how to fix Datalogic and Honeywell scanners as these are the most commonly used FMD scanners in Ireland.
  3. If you have a Datalogic or Honeywell scanner, follow the instructions in the the relevant  ‘Fix Your Scanner’ guidance below. There are 4 different versions so use the one that corresponds to your scanner’s make and mode.
  4. If you are using any other make of scanner, your FMD software provider may be able to advise you on how to reconfigure it.
  5. If you’re unsure what to do next, please contact us at, including the make of your scanner in your email.

Datalogic Scanners

Honeywell Scanners

* If you are having difficulties downloading any of the Check Your Scanner or Fix Your Scanner documents please email us at and we will send the documents to you by email