Pharmacies & hospitals

Pharmacies and hospitals will have to verify the authenticity of medicines and ‘decommission’ them from the IMVO repository  ('national system') before they are supplied to patients.   

Community pharmacies / private hospitals

If you are a community pharmacy or private hospital and haven’t already done so, you need to start your preparations now to ensure that you are ready by 9th February 2019, when the new requirements become legally binding. At a high level, the steps involved include: 

  1. Identifying where scanning will take place and what computers/devices need to be connected;
  2. Identifying what system you will use to connect to the IMVO repository ('national system').  A list of the IT software providers whose systems have been certified by IMVO is available on the IT Software Providers section of our website.  The IPU has prepared a report for its members on systems that were tested in community pharmacies during the IMVO pilot;
  3. Implementing necessary changes in work practices, procedures, etc.;
  4. Having scanners in place to read barcodes;
  5. Informing your team about what’s happening and training relevant staff;
  6. Considering how anti-tamper device checks will be managed.
  7. Registering with IMVO to connect your system to the IMVO repository ('national system'). The IMVO online registration process is now open - click here
  8. Using the technical details that are emailed to your nominated ‘super user’ when IMVO registration is complete to connect your system to the national system. If you need support from your IT software system provider for this step, ensure you book a slot with them in plenty of time.

Introductory webinars for pharmacies and hospitals 

IMVO is running a series of one-hour webinars by Skype for pharmacies and hospitals to provide background introduction on the new safety feature and medicines authentication requirements and explain the IMVO registration process in more detail – see our Events page for details - click here

Click on the icon shown to download the latest version of the webinar slides

Support Guide

IMVO has prepared a Support Guide which sets out where to go for advice if you have any queries or problems. Please check this guide before contacting IMVO or your IT support provider if any issues arise.

PSI Guidance

The PSI has a section on falsified medicines on its website with information for pharmacists.

The Irish Pharmacy Union which represents community pharmacy and is a member of IMVO has published several articles on medicines authentication in its monthly magazine, the IPU Review. The IPU has also drawn up a Medicines Authentication FAQ and Checklist to help its members understand the new requirements.

Public hospitals and clinics 

The HSE has established a project team to co-ordinate FMD implementation across the health services and they are managing communications on next steps within the HSE. If you have any queries on FMD implementation in the health services, please email The HSE’s October FMD Newsletter contains useful updates on the HSE’s preparations for FMD.

Wholesaler’s authorisation 

Some pharmacies also have a wholesaler’s authorisation from the HPRA. If you are one of these pharmacies, please note that you will have to register with IMVO as a pharmacy and as a wholesaler (i.e. two registrations). We will be writing to all wholesalers separately about IMVO registration, including pharmacies who have wholesaler’s authorisations.