Alert Help

Please follow the instructions below to guide you through identifying what caused this alert. Finding out the root cause of this alert will also help you to take steps to prevent similar alerts in future.

The IMVS is currently handling an unusually high volume of requests and/or responses are slower than usual.

• You may try again later if your request is not processed
• Your FMD software should switch to offline mode if online requests are not being processed. In offline mode, you can continue to scan packs and data will upload automatically when the IMVS is back up and running. Once scanned, the pack may be supplied. In the event that an alert message is returned when the IMVS is back, you will need to take action. Contact your FMD software provider if you need assistance with using your FMD software in offline mode.

Additional batch/product information

If your scan response included additional information about this pack’s batch or product being recalled or withdrawn, please visit the Recalled/Withdrawn help page.

Alert Support

To document your alert investigation in NMVS Alerts:

  • Log into your NMVS Alerts account; or
  • Click the link in the alert email that has been sent to your designated email address

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