Alert Help

Please follow the instructions below to guide you through identifying what caused this alert. Finding out the root cause of this alert will also help you to take steps to prevent similar alerts in future.

This pack has already been decommissioned as a sample.

• This pack should not be in the supply chain.

• If you previously decommissioned the pack as a sample at your location and want to reactivate it, this can be done provided it was decommissioned no more than 10 days ago.

• If you know the pack has been decommissioned as a sample more than once due to a procedural error and your FMD software tells you that ‘an alert has been raised’, you must document the root cause of the alert in NMVS Alerts. Once documented the investigation is complete and you may return the pack to saleable stock.

• If you did not previously decommission the pack at your location, contact your supplier for assistance. If your FMD software tells you that ‘an alert was raised’, please document your investigation and the source of the pack in NMVS Alerts.

Additional batch/product information

If your scan response included additional information about this pack’s batch or product being recalled or withdrawn, please visit the Recalled/Withdrawn help page.

Alert Support

To document your alert investigation in NMVS Alerts:

  • Log into your NMVS Alerts account; or
  • Click the link in the alert email that has been sent to your designated email address

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