End-User registration form

To register as a pharmacy, hospital or wholesaler with IMVO click the link here to access our online registration form.

Please read the notes provided before starting the registration process. If you don’t provide all the information requested, we have to reject your application and you will be required to resubmit it.

Errors may lead to applications being rejected, in which case, a fresh application will be required. A list of the most common errors seen to date is provided below so you know the mistakes to avoid.

Notes on registration 

  1. It is strongly recommended that you attend one of our registration webinars before completing the online form, so you have a walk-through of the form in advance and know how to avoid common errors when completing it.  The webinar slides are available on the Pharmacies & Hospitals section of our website.
  2. The online form must be completed in one session. It is not possible to save a partially complete form and come back to it at another time. We would recommend that you allow 15 minutes to complete it (or longer if you need to register more than one location) (i.e. premises).
  3. The form must be completed by an ‘Authorised Representative’ of your organisation as the final step is to accept IMVO’s Terms and Conditions for End-Users. The person who acts as ‘Authorised Representative’ for the purpose of IMVO registration accepts the Terms and Conditions on behalf of the organisation.  It is a matter for each organisation registering with IMVO to decide who this person will be.
  4. A copy of the Terms and Conditions is available to download here.
  5. The term ‘End-User’ is used at various points in the registration process. This means any pharmacy, hospital, wholesaler or other organisation that has a software system connected to the national system for the purpose of verifying and decommissioning medicine packs.
  6. Before you start completing the form, ensure you have all the required information to hand including:
    1. Details of each location (i.e. premises) you wish to register, including, as applicable, the PSI retail pharmacy business registration number or WDA number for wholesalers;
    2. Name of your IT software provider (see note 7);
    3. Name of your ‘Super User’ (see note 8).
  7. The name of your IT software provider has to be provided when completing the online registration form.  If you have not yet  decided what system you will be using to connect to the national system, you will need to defer registering with IMVO until  that information is to hand.
  8. During the registration process, you will be asked to nominate a ‘Super-User’ for your IMVO registration. Emails with the         information required for technical onboarding of your system will be sent to the nominated Super User after registration is          complete. More details of the role of the Super User will be given in IMVO’s registration webinar.
  9. If you are having difficulties using the online registration form, please contact us by email at registration@imvo.ie.  If        necessary, we can provide you with a Word version of registration form to complete.
  10. Data privacy: Please note that the personal data provided via this online registration form will be processed by IMVO in    accordance with our data privacy policy. In particular, relevant details will be shared with Solidsoft Reply Limited (the            developer of the IMVO repository) so they can provide you with the necessary technical information to connect your system to the national system.

Common Errors 

  • No location details provided;
  • No IT software provider details entered;
  • IT software provider listed is pharmacy system provider, not the FMD system provider (which may be different);
  • No contact details given for Authorised Representative;
  • Location name not stated correctly, e.g. a town name is not a ‘location’ name – you should specify the name of the pharmacy at that location.
  • Same Super User email address used for more than one End-User – consider if locations concerned could be registered under same End-User.