Alert Management Guidance

IMVO’s Alert Management Guidance defines the high-level alert handling process for pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers (end-users), MAHs and IMVO. The key principle underpinning the guidance is that an ‘alert’ does not mean that a pack is falsified or defective as alerts can arise due to technical, procedural or system-related issues. The objective is to ensure that alerts are quickly investigated and closed out if a root cause is found, enabling the pack to be supplied or returned to saleable stock as soon as possible. A copy of the IMVO Alert Management Guidance is available here.

NVMS Alerts, IMVO’s alert management system is being used for the efficient handling of alerts. The web-based tool doesn’t require any special set up or software and is available 24/7. It provides an overview of the status of alerts based on information entered by the end-user, MAH and/or IMVO. It facilitates quick communication with other parties about an alert. End-users and MAHs can create an account in NMVS Alerts free of charge. If you would like more information about how to set up an account, click here.

Note for pharmacies and hospitals

The ‘Alert help’ pages on the IMVO website, linked from your FMD software, are based on the guidance and should be your first point of reference when investigating an alert as information provided is tailored to relevant alert type.

You may not supply a pack that generates an alert unless the alert has been fully investigated and a root cause has been found and falsification ruled out.