NMVS Alerts

NVMS Alerts, IMVO’s alert management system is being used for the efficient handling of alerts. The web-based tool doesn’t require any special set up or software and is available 24/7. It provides an overview of the status of alerts based on information entered by the end-user, MAH and/or IMVO. It facilitates quick communication with other parties about an alert.

End-users are set up to receive one time link emails to document their alert investigations. If end-users wish to actively manage their alert investigations without the one time link emails they can set up an account. End-users and MAHs can create an account in NMVS Alerts free of charge. If you would like more information about how to set up an account send your details by email to alert.support@imvo.ie.

Click below for an introduction and demonstration on how to use NMVS Alerts.

About NMVS Alerts accounts

The following applies to users who have set up an NMVS Alerts account.

What is an NMVS Alerts account?

This is an account used for the management of alerts. You will be able to log in and actively manage alerts associated with your location.

Who sets up the NMVS Alerts account?

IMVO will set up this account for you. If you would like to set up an account, please email alert.support@imvo.ie with your details.

Where can I access my NMVS Alerts account?

You can access your account in NMVS Alerts via this link.

How can I use my NMVS Alerts account?

IMVO has written a short guide on how to manage alerts using NMVS Alerts which you can access here.